Full Time Trader Webinar

Thursday,  22nd April 2021, 7.30 p.m.

Thursday,  6th May 2021, 7.30 p.m.

(Malaysia Time)


Especially for Everyday Malaysians who want to take full advantage of the current COVID-19 situation and recovering economy to  grow their wealth this year!

"Full Time Trader Reveals How You Can Make

Above Average Returns In The Stock Market In 2021... Even If You Don't Know A Thing About Trading Stocks & Have Less Than 15 Mins A Day!” 

In this exclusive 3+ hour content-packed webinar,  underground full time trader finally reveals how he has been quietly helping dozens of students win in the markets and become successful full time traders... simply by using a cutting edge trading software that tells you what stocks to buy, the right price to buy and sell! 

Here’s A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Learn During This Content-Packed “Full Time Trader” Webinar!

(Turn up your volume and listen to this quick 30 seconds overview of what we'll be covering in the webinar)

Especially as the COVID-19 comes under control and the economy starts to recover in the coming months. There are opportunities that will open up and you wan to make sure you're the first to get in on them! 

Even as the market become increasingly volatile. I’ll share what you need to do immediately in the next 1 week! 

And why many aspiring traders never make it pass the 1st stage (and how you can avoid the same mistakes). If you’re already trading the markets, you’ll love the strategies I cover in stage 2 and 3 because I’ll show you how you can dramatically increase your win rate.

To make above average returns consistently (I’ll do a live demo on how I pick the right stocks using a powerful but little-known screener)

And almost “predict” which stocks will go up and when they will come down. This one technique alone will save you from thousands of dollars of losses!

And get consistent winning results in just months! I’ll even reveal 3 strategies that helped me turn RM20,000 into RM350,000 in just a few years)

Discover the top 30 “growth” stocks you must invest in right now. These are the stocks that are currently undervalued and could potentially give you high returns in a few months (even weeks)! 

You’ll get a chance to ask me about any stock in the KLSE. I’ll jump into the chart and show you what is the best entry and exit price.

My Promise To You

This is NOT going to be another one of those webinars where I’ll try to sell you something without giving you any value. I will not hold anything back. You can ask me anything you want about trading and the current markets and I’ll answer them during the webinar. 

Bonus #1:

Top 30 Stocks You Must Invest On The Malaysian Stock Exchange Right Now!

Yup, that’s right. 

When you attend our webinar all the way till the end,

We’ll also give you a report on what are the top 10 stocks that you should invest in right now!

These are all stocks that are currently undervalued at the moment and have the potential to give you higher-than-average returns in the coming months. 

(Psss… This is just one part of the report that dozens of our students receive every week so they know if they are investing in the right stocks at the moment. The full report comes with a comprehensive analysis of all 1,000+ stocks in the exchange, along with recommendations on which stocks to invest in and which stocks to trade.)

During the webinar, I’ll share how my team and I used 9 critical factors to analyse the stocks every single week. You’ll be surprised how many investors miss out on these factors when they enter the market.


You’ll love this comprehensive report on the top 10 stocks you must invest in the exchange. 

Bonus #2:

Ask Me About Any Stock And Get My “Hold Nothing Back” Analysis

Yup, if you stay all the way to the end, you get a chance to ask me about any stock in the KLSE (and I mean any stock). 

I’ll jump onto our StockAid Pro software and analyse the charts for you. 

You’ll know whether it’s a stock you should be buying into in the first place… As well as my entry price and take-profit price (TP1) based on the chart. 

You’ll finally understand why some stocks are worth buying and holding, while others are great for trading (going in and out within a short span of a few weeks). 

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll benefit from learning how full time traders actually think and analyse the markets. It will also give you a complete picture of what you can learn how to do in just weeks!

Here’s a short clip from my recent webinar. You can see what I actually cover in the Q&A part of the webinar.

Now, I want to be clear that this is NOT a stock pick. When I share my analysis about different stocks, it’s based on looking at the charts and explaining why this is the best price to enter or exit. 

Check Out What Our Students Are Saying!

The above results are NOT typical, are not indicative of future results or performance, and are not intended to be a representation, warranty, or guarantee that similar results will be obtained by you. 

The trainer’s experience with trading is not typical, nor is the experience of students featured in testimonials. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by STOCK AID SDN. BHD. (Company No.: 201701044580) due to a number of factors. 

Are You Facing These Challenges?

No idea how to trade and where to start

If you’re new to trading, you can probably relate to this. There’s just so much contradicting information on the internet that you end up more confused than every before.

Don’t know which trader or trainer to trust

There are so many trainers offering get-rich formulas online and trade alerts. Unfortunately, many of them are simply in it for the money and end up teaching you nothing about professional trading. 

Little results despite spending hours on trading and investing

This is something a majority of traders face. Many traders and investors put in huge amount of time and effort picking the wrong stocks. In the end, they end up losing money and confidence in trading. 

Stressed over money and whether or not your capital gains will plummet

If you’re not good at reading the market conditions, chances are you will always be on the edge of your seat wondering if the stocks you traded/invested in will plummet or rise. 

Stuck in a 9-to-5 job that you hate and can’t leave because you need to pay the bills.

Maybe you’re currently in the same low paying job for many years. And with the current situation, there is almost no security and you want to find a way to break free. 

Not enough capital to start investing/trading in the first place

Many people believe that you need a huge capital to win in the market. I’ll show you how you can get started with as little as RM 3,000.

I was Once In Your Shoes

Hi friends,

My name is JT, and I’m the founder of Stock Aid,

My team and I are professional investors from Singapore and Malaysia and we’ve been investing full time and coaching other investors for over 7 years.

But, that wasn’t always the case.

I used to be just like you, a run-of-the-mill person that only wanted to study, find a job, and pay off my debts.

When I was in University at the age of 18, 

I decided to try my luck in trading so that I could pay off my student loans and make some quick cash.

Boy, was I in over my head. 

I lost 80% of my money that was meant to pay for my school fees.

I didn’t even dare to tell my parents about how much I lost.

“But I Couldn’t Give Up!”

I continued to try my hand at trading, while at the same time learning specific strategies from the big players such as “Bill Wermine” and “Martin Wong”. 

Capital gains were slow at first but it started to build up exponentially once I started gaining more experience.

And after losing tens of thousands of dollars in the market…

I realised something.

There is a form of manipulation going on in the market. 

A manipulation that the big players in the industry capitalise on, leaving the majority of traders in the dust. 

And after years of trial and error, I figured out a way to spot these manipulations and legally exploit them for my trades. 

That’s exactly how I was able to turn RM20,000 to RM300,000 in just 7 years in my 20s.

And much, much more in my 30s.

So let me ask you something…  

What If You Could… 

Earn more money through trading stocks than your monthly salary?

Finally quit your job and start pursuing the things you love.

(Even if you love your job, wouldn’t it be great if you had the option to stay or leave when circumstances change.)

You can finally start building up your wealth and living life on your terms.

And you only need a small amount of capital of RM 3,000 to get started.

With the right skills, knowledge and tools, you’ll be on your way to growing your wealth for years to come.

This is exactly what I want to give you in my upcoming…

“Full Time Trader” Zoom Webinar

Now, let me make myself very clear. 

You’re not going to become an instant expert in trading after you attend the webinar. 

Neither are you going to become rich overnight. 

(Anyone who promises you these is probably pulling a fast one on you.)

It took me years to gain the experience, skills and knowledge to consistently make 20-30% per year of returns from my trades.

During the 3+ hour webinar, I’ll cut short your learning curve and share the actual mindset and techniques that the 1% of profitable traders are using to gain an unfair advantage in the market. 

Here’s A Quick Preview Of What I’ll Be Covering…

What the current top 1% of professional traders are doing to win in the markets

Finally, you’ll know what the elite 1% of traders are doing and how they exploit the manipulation going on in the market to gain an unfair advantage over everyone else.  

Why it’s ridiculously easier than ever before to profit from the market

Covid-19 caused a major disruption to many people’s business and jobs and chances are, a recession is coming. I’ll show you how to take full advantage of these coming changes and get back huge capital returns! 

How you can start investing with as little as RM3,000 and in just 15 minutes!

I’ll reveal to you the same techniques that I use up to this day to double or even triple my initial capital investment over time. And yes, you can start off with as little as RM3,000.

What are the best stocks to invest and trade in the Malaysian Stock Market

I’ll show you how to analyze various different stocks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a low or high-risk trader or investor, I’ll show you which are the best stocks to put your money in at the moment.

Live demonstration on how to pick stocks and select the right entry and exit price

During the webinar, I’ll show you how I shortlist the best stocks to trade at the moment and what I would do next. You can even follow along if you like. 

How to think and play the market like a full time trader

I’ll pull back the curtain and show you how full time traders actually look the market and make decisions. I’ll reveal the tools and resources that professionals actually use to save time and money. 

How a former office clerk making a RM3,000 pay-check quit his job in just 2 years and became a full-time trader

How a former office clerk making a RM3,000 pay-check quit his job in just 2 years and became a full-time trader

A highly practical technique to use when buying “Goreng Stocks”

“Goreng” stocks are perfect for daily and weekly trading. You’ll learn how to identify them and almost always predict their movement in the coming week.

How to select “Growth Stocks” that will give you exponential returns in just a few years… even months!

Learn the critical factors we use to choose the right company to invest in as well as which companies are expected to sky-rocket!

Check Out What Our Past Students Are Sharing About Us!

The above results are NOT typical, are not indicative of future results or performance, and are not intended to be a representation, warranty, or guarantee that similar results will be obtained by you. 

The trainer’s experience with trading is not typical, nor is the experience of students featured in testimonials. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by STOCK AID SDN. BHD. (Company No.: 201701044580) due to a number of factors. 

This Isn’t Just Another “Salesy” Webinar

You probably attended dozens of webinars where the trainer give you a few stock picks and spend the rest of the time hard-selling you their courses or software. 

This is NOT one of them.

If you have been following me on my Facebook page, you know I regularly do in-depth videos on the economy and trading. You can check out a short clip of one of my videos. 

The Full Time Trader Webinar will equip you with highly practical skills and knowledge you can use immediately to take full advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and coming recession. 

At the end of the webinar, we’ll open the floor up to any lingering questions so that everyone that attends can fully understand what is being taught. 

And only if you find value in what I shared with you, I’ll show you how you can work with me personally in the next 3 months to grow your wealth through trading. 

In just 2 hours, you’ll know how exactly how full time traders think and trade the markets. 

Here’s a quick preview of an online sharing I did recently about the bear market. You can see the amount of detail I go into when it comes to analysing the market and specific stocks.

Who Is This Webinar For?

This is especially for those who want to…

Grow their wealth in the coming years so they can retire comfortably
Have a strong desire to learn the skills and knowledge to trade and win in the markets
Break out of your mundane 9-5 job and finally live life on their own terms 
Spend more time with your family and loved ones and less time working in your full time job

If any of the above describes you, this webinar is perfect for you!

What Are You Waiting For?

Many people often dream about making enough money from their trading to quit their jobs, provide for their loved ones and live life on their terms. 

But the number 1 reason why it only stays as a dream is because… 

They fail to take action.

Now you have an opportunity right before you,

A chance to get the right skills, knowledge and tools to take your first step towards profiting from the markets. 

You have 2 options:

  • Keep doing what you’re doing at the moment and continue to lose money to the markets


  • OR attend the 3+ hour webinar, learn cutting edge strategies and insights from us and use them to score your first winning trades in the coming months. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Click the “Sign Up Now!” button now to begin your journey as a full time trader! 

About JT Low

JT Low is the founder of StockAid Pro. He has worked meticulously throughout the years to ensure that every budding trader is equipped with the right skills, tools, and knowledge in order to trade just as well as the big players in the market. 

With more than 10 years of experience from being a full-time investor and working with both Malaysia and Singapore, JT’s wealth of knowledge has proven indispensable in providing a better quality of life for his students.





About StockAid Pro

Launched in 2017, StockAid Pro combines both fundamental and technical analyses, helping you save a massive amount of time on research. 

Currently our competitors focus on either technical or fundamental analysis. We’ve designed StockAid Pro to pick the best stock for you, whether you are a low risk or a high risk, experienced or inexperienced. 

With StockAid Pro, you can take pride in your investment decisions, and in the long run, your portfolio will grow to reflect the soundness of your actions.



Join Our Full Time Trader Webinar Today! 

“In Just 3 Hours, You Can Learn The Skills And Mindset Of A Full Time Trader … Even If You’re Just Starting Out In Trading!”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is the webinar going to cost? 

For a limited time, our webinar will be FREE. The skills and knowledge shared in this webinar alone are valued at $250 but the team and I decided to give everyone free access during the COVID-19 period.

Is this just another sales webinar?

This is NOT just another webinar where we try to hard sell you a course without giving you any value. 

The Full Time Trader webinar will equip you with highly practical skills and knowledge that are needed if you want to win in the markets. At the end of the webinar, we’ll open the floor up to anyone that has any lingering questions so that everyone that attends can fully understand what is being taught. 

In the last 10-15 minutes of the webinar, we’ll share how you can work with JT and his team to build your own investment portfolio and trade the markets. 

Why are your seats filling up so fast?

Based on our track record at helping traders achieve their goal of winning the markets, we have built a following on Facebook by regularly sharing updated insights about the market. We expect the seats to be filled up in the next few days so do sign up now! 

Will I learn how to become financially free through your webinar?

This webinar was never meant for you to achieve financial freedom right off the bat. What this webinar will do for you is equip you with the right tools, skills, and knowledge for you to confidently work your way to achieving financial freedom. 

Are you going to tell me which stock to buy?

I’ll show you what I’m currently trading and why I picked specific stocks at this very moment. 

However, the purpose of the webinar is to teach you the mindset and skills behind successful trading so you can pick the right stocks to invest in or trade-in on your own.

I have no idea how to start trading, will this webinar still benefit me?

Of course it can! We designed our webinar in such a way that provides immense value for traders at different levels. We’ll send you some pre-webinar materials before the start of the webinar and spend the first 20+ minutes covering some basic concepts. For the rest of the webinar, we’ll explain strategies and concepts in a simple and easy-to-follow way so you can keep up.

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